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Lin Jun: Theoretical Investigations of Mechanisms for Solar

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The book’s main content is from Dr. Jun Lin’s dissertation submitted to the University of New Hampshire in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the PhD degree in physics in September 2001. Some theoretical models of solar eruptions derived from previous works that involve a loss of equilibrium of the coronal magnetic field are presented. These models consist of a magnetic flux rope nested within an arcade of magnetic loop. Before the eruption, the flux rope floats in the corona under a balance between magnetic compression and tension forces. When an eruption occurs, the magnetic compression exceeds the magnetic tension and causes the flux rope to be thrown outwards, away from the Sun. Three important factors which impact the occurrence and evolution of the eruptive processes are investigated. These factors are magnetic reconnection, new emerging flux, and the large scale curvature of the flux rope. The results suggest that the catastrophic loss of equilibrium in the coronal magnetic configuration plays an important role in triggering the eruption, and reconnection in the current sheet created by the catastrophe helps the process to eveolve smoothly.

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