Orthopaedic Research Society

The Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) is an organization dedicated to advancement of orthopaedic research. The ORS carries out this mission through education in research, dissemination of research knowledge, advocacy for increasing of resources for research, and increasing awareness of the importance and impact of such research on orthopaedic patients and the public. Additionally, the ORS promotes and encourages the development and availability of clinician-scientists and basic-scientists to assure that there is continuing research efforts whose results will form a basis for providing the highest quality of musculoskeletal care.

The ORS will be recognized within the orthopaedic community as the information and knowledge source of orthopaedic research and the orthopaedic organization that is focused on expanding orthopaedic research through its advocacy and education efforts and the promotion of the development of clinician scientists. The public and various health policy-making entities will identify the ORS as the source of information and knowledge on the current state of orthopaedic research.

Link: Orthopaedic Research Society

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